My favorite Criterion’s of 2009.

This is a blog I posted on another site back in January of 2010 before I had a Criterion themed site. I plan on doing another one of these lists for the 2010 titles as well. I just have to go back and see which are 2010 and make sure I’ve seen them all. Half of the info is dated out like Darjeeling, and the Blu-Ray exhange program.

I’ve been extremely lucky this year to be able to buy all of the Criterion Blu-Ray releases. I don’t have even close to the entire collection on DVD but having all that are available on Blu-Ray is a pretty great feeling. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with them though as they are increasing the releases to three a month now and those fuckers aren’t cheap! Here is my top picks out of the 28 that have been released so far.

Bottle Rocket Continue reading

Broadcast News

Oh, James L. Brooks. A name that I thought I would never see in the Collection and of course they do it just to spite me. In all reality, I’m totally kidding. I’m the person who adores Brooks and even went to the theatre to see How Do You Know. Don’t ask me my honest opinion of that film. This definitely wasn’t the first Brooks film that I had in my collection and it surely won’t be the last. But rest assured, that this will most likely be the best Brooks release in my collection. It’s not my favorite of his films, but Criterion just threw so much added content in with this that there is no way I can’t recommend it to you.

It’s a romantic comedy. Pure and simple. Like most of Brooks’ work, Continue reading

The Double Life of Veronique

I am down right ashamed to admit that I had no prior relationship with Kieślowski before this film. It’s an amazing work of cinema. This was Kieślowski’s break through film in terms of international fans and it is easy to see why. The plot taken from Criterion’s site: Irène Jacob is incandescent as both Weronika, a Polish choir soprano, and her double, Véronique, a French music teacher. Though unknown to each other, the two women share an enigmatic, emotional bond, which Kieślowski details in gorgeous reflections, colors, and movements. Aided by Slawomir Idziak’s shimmering cinematography and Zbigniew Preisner’s haunting, operatic score, Kieślowski creates one of cinema’s most purely metaphysical works. The Double Life of Véronique is an unforgettable symphony of feeling.

Maybe, I shouldn’t have copied that from their site, now what is left to say about it that they didn’t package in that nice little paragraph. The film shines. I love the grain that Criterion brings out in their releases and this release is no different. The gorgeous scenes don’t pop much more than they did on DVD but they are still a treat to anyone’s eyes. The film wouldn’t be anything with Irène Jacob who absolutely Continue reading

Blow Out

When thinking about Brian De Palma, I never thought of this film. He has made so many big films that I often over looked this one and that is why I had never seen it until getting the Criterion Blu-Ray. Boy, was I missing out.

The story centers on John Travolta as Jack Terry, a movie sound effects technician from Philadelphia who, while recording sounds for a low-budget horror film, serendipitously captures audio evidence of an assassination involving a presidential hopeful. Nancy Allen stars as Sally Bedina, the young woman Jack rescues Continue reading