Just a few things to get off my chest.

I do love cinema.

I have a degree in film. But that doesn’t mean I appreciate every little subtle detail in every film. A good story is stronger to me than a 56-disc set of Brakhage. (I do like him though so calm down!)

Most Criterion films were made long before I was born. I am 25 as of this writing.

My opinions are mine and mine alone. If you disagree, feel free to comment. One of the main reasons I love Criterion is the varying opinions you get from anyone that watches it.

I have not seen all of the films in the collection. I don’t even own half of them. I’m young, give me time.

My film history isn’t as grand as most people would want from someone running a site called Criterion Digest but hopefully through this site I can grow as a student of film and be a true cinephile.


May 1 2011 – Official launch date.

As of 08/15 there are 68 different header images for the site. All Criterion releases of course.

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